Intelligent Flow Control to Asset Management

Flow control plays a critical role in allowing a wide variety of manufacturing and process applications (such as oil, gas, water, power, chemical industrial and process control applications) to efficiently and safely operate. Effective flow control can reduce emissions, assure safety and improve efficiency and yield irrespective of application or industry.  The safe and efficient […]

Ceramic Valves & Positioners from Hamilton Company

Hamilton Company specializes in the design and manufacture of products for manual, semiautomatic, and robotic precision fluid measuring and delivery. The Hamilton ceramic instrument valves have been developed for demanding automated dispensing applications. Their fluid flow path includes ceramic inserts designed for long lifetimes when used with aqueous solutions in the lower pH range that […]

Bosch Rexroth Releases Innovation for Subsea Valves

Global engineering firm Bosch Rexroth has presented an innovation for electrically actuating valves in the subsea process industry. The new SVA R2 Subsea Valve Actuator is the world’s first electric actuator that can replace conventional hydraulic cylinders with field-proven safety technology and without taking up additional space.  The integrated electric controller offers precise motion control. […]

Curtiss-Wright Wins Federal Equipment Company Contract

Curtiss-Wright Actuation Division has recently been awarded a contract to provide Exlar electro-mechanical actuators to Federal Equipment Company in support of their weapons elevator systems for the Ford-class aircraft carrier program. Exlar actuators are used in several other mission critical areas on the Ford-class carriers, including the jet blast defector, integrated catapult control station, and […]

PetrolValves & Sirio Announce New Partnership

PetrolValves Group, a world leading flow solutions player for the Energy industry, specializing and pursuing product excellence in the engineering of valves, actuators and systems through advanced technology and delivering high quality services, and Sirio Solutions Engineering that successfully operates as a trustworthy EPCC solutions provider, evolving from the design of turbomachinery control systems to […]

New Emerson Knife Gate Valve Reduces Cost of Ownership

Emerson has announced the new Clarkson KS1 Knife Gate Valve designed to help mine, oil sands and pulp & paper operators achieve increased availability of their most challenging slurry processes.  The new knife gate valve features a patented gate edge seal design that creates a continuous seal around the gate, together with a precision-molded elastomer […]

HyperloopTT Debuts 16 ft Safety Vacuum Valves

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HyperloopTT) recently revealed its safety isolation vacuum tube valves —a critical safety component in hyperloop systems. Reaching to 16.5 ft tall, the safety valves will isolate sections of the hyperloop system tubes to allow for easier system pressurization for maintenance or emergency. Weighing 77,000 lb, the valves can withstand 288,000 lb of […]

ProMation Engineering to Expand Valve-Mounting Options

ProMation Engineering is expanding their direct mounting options for valves by adding multiple patterns to existing actuators and introducing new imperial mount patterns for their quarter turn actuators. The new valve mounting options will allow for more economical assemblies of valves and electric actuators by reducing the need for valve/actuator adaptor hardware.  By offering different […]

Allegheny Pipe & Supply Acquired by Winsupply

Winsupply, a large U.S. distributor, recently purchased the assets of Allegheny Pipe & Supply, a distributor of industrial pipe, valves and fittings headquartered in Coraopolis, Pennylvania, a borough located just west of Pittsburgh. The company is regarded as a prime distributor of carbon and stainless steel pipe, valves, fittings and related products with onsite cutting, […]

Schroeder Valves Supplies High Pressure Valves

Schroeder Valves, a world leading supplier of pump protection valves, is among the suppliers for the world’s biggest gas-fired combined-cycle power plant complex currently being built in Egypt. The first of a total of 36 Schroeder High Pressure Valves (SHP) have already been delivered.  The SHP builds on existing Schroeder Valves technology. The company already […]