PetrolValves Group, a world leading flow solutions player for the Energy industry, specializing and pursuing product excellence in the engineering of valves, actuators and systems through advanced technology and delivering high quality services, and Sirio Solutions Engineering that successfully operates as a trustworthy EPCC solutions provider, evolving from the design of turbomachinery control systems to the development of cutting-edge solutions for the oil and gas, petrochemical, refinery and power generation industries, announce a new partnership. 

This partnership enables PetrolValves Group and Sirio Solutions Engineering to better focus on providing key support to the OEMs, Packagers, Operators, End-Users and Customers in general by leveraging their deep knowledge of turbomachinery, plants, controls, protection and auxiliaries, thus driving optimization through simplification and integration. 

Striving to minimize Total Cost of Ownership, PetrolValves Group and Sirio Solutions Engineering aim at increasing Customers’ assets value while improving productivity, efficiency, reliability of machinery and plants and operating lifecycle of the installed valves and turbomachinery fleets, regardless of the OEMs. 

Current market needs lead to an accurate focus on OPEX and to a continuous cost control and optimization pursuit: Productivity and Efficiency increase along with the Asset’s Lifetime extension and are thus essential to achieve OPEX optimization. The partnership between PetrolValves Group and Sirio Solutions Engineering translates into an innovative integrated offer that can provide the elements and tools to achieve this goal. 

The combined offer provides integrated service and multi-purpose solutions for new installations, revamping, upgrading and enhancement of centrifugal compressors trains (control and protection) and HIPPS systems (plant or pipeline over-pressurization prevention). 

Courtesy of PetrolValves Group.