Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HyperloopTT) recently revealed its safety isolation vacuum tube valves —a critical safety component in hyperloop systems. Reaching to 16.5 ft tall, the safety valves will isolate sections of the hyperloop system tubes to allow for easier system pressurization for maintenance or emergency. Weighing 77,000 lb, the valves can withstand 288,000 lb of force and can fully open and close within 30 seconds. 

The safety isolation valves were developed by vacuum hardware manufacturing maker GNB KL Group and the valves will be shipped to HyperloopTT’s Toulouse, France, facility for integration and certification.
In an emergency situation, capsules will stop at pre-determined emergency stations along a hyperloop route, allowing passengers to exit the capsule. As a redundant emergency response option, HyperloopTT will isolate sections of the tube for re-pressurization. If a capsule cannot stop at a pre-defined exit, a lit emergency path in the depressurized tube will lead passengers to emergency hatches to exit the infrastructure.
To watch a video on the new valve, click here.

Image credit: HyperloopTT